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132. What is the purpose of spirit incarnation?
“God imposes incarnation as a tool to reach perfection. For some it is a means of making amends, while for others it is a mission. Every spirit must experience the diffculties of physical existence to reach perfection, therein lies their atonement. Incarnation also requires a spirit to contribute to the work of creation. To fulfll this purpose, spirits assume physical bodies in harmony with the material state of each world to accomplish the missions that have been appointed to them by God. Through these missions they contribute to the general good while also achieving their own advancement.”
The action of physical beings is necessary to the operation of the universe, but God has wisely designed this action to serve as a means of climbing closer to God. Thus, through the law of providence, all things are connected and everything in nature is united.

133. Is incarnation necessary for spirits who have followed the right path from the outset?
“All spirits are created simple and unaware, and learn through the trials and tribulations of corporeal life. God is just. Our Creator could not create some spirits happy, without their having experienced pain or without their having made an effort, in other words without any merit.”

a) So what do spirits gain by following the right path, since they are not exempt from the suffering of corporeal life?
“They reach their goals more quickly. Pain and suffering in the physical life is often a consequence of the spirit’s imperfection. The fewer the imperfections, the less it suffers. If a spirit is neither envious, jealous, greedy, nor ambitious, it is not forced to experience the torture that is a consequence of those faws.”

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