Allan Kardec

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742. What drives human beings to war?
“The overpowering of the animal nature over the spiritual nature, and the fulfillment of their passions. In the barbaric state, humans only recognize the rights of the strongest. This makes war their normal condition. As men and women develop, war becomes less frequent because they avoid the causes that lead to it, and when it is inevitable, they wage it in a more humane manner.”

743. Will wars ever end on Earth?
“Yes, when human beings understand justice, and practice God’s law. Only then will all men and women be brothers and sisters.”

744. What is God’s purpose in making war necessary?
“Freedom and progress.”

a) If war brings us freedom, why does it often entail the slavery or oppression of the people attacked?
“This oppression is short-lived and serves to make the people grow tired of their enslavement, pushing them to advance more rapidly.”

745. What should we think of those who instigate war for their own profit?
“Such individuals are severely guilty, and suffer many physical lives to atone for all the deaths they caused. They will have to answer for every human being who has been killed to satisfy their ambition.”

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