Allan Kardec

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One strange aspect of these manifestations is the fact that only the spirits of famous fgures communicate with us, and people wonder why these spirits are the only ones who do so. This error, like many others, is due to superfcial observation. Among the spirits who spontaneously present themselves, most are unknown than known to us. Well-known spirits use illustrious names that we can readily identify. As for the spirits we evoke, unless they are relatives or friends, they are spirits we do not know. As the names of famous people come to mind most effectively, they are naturally observed most often.

Detractors also fnd it strange that the spirits of eminent individuals would respond to our call so intimately, and sometimes are interested in things that appear to be inconsequential in comparison to what they accomplished during their life. There is nothing surprising in this for those who know that the power and consideration that these persons may have possessed in their human life in no way correlates to their standing in the spirit world. Spirits confrm the words of the gospel “the last shall be frst, and the frst shall be last”5 with regard to the rank we receive when we return to the spirit world. Accordingly, those who have been frst on Earth may fnd themselves to be among the last in the spirit world. Those who are worshiped and revered on the Earth may fnd themselves below the poorest craftsman, as all their glory is left behind when they leave this world. In a similar vein, the most powerful monarch may be ranked below the lowest of his or her subjects.

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