Allan Kardec

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50. Did the human race begin with one man only?
“No, the man known as Adam was neither the frst nor the only man who populated the Earth.”

51. Is it possible to determine when Adam lived?
“Adam lived approximately around the time that you attribute to him, about 4000 years before Christ.”

The man that we refer to as Adam was one of the people who survived one of the great disasters that changed the Earth’s surface over the course of history. He became the foundation of one of the races that populate our planet today. The laws of nature dictate that it would be impossible for the amount of progress that we know to have been accomplished by humanity long before Christ to have been accomplished so quickly if it had only existed since the time of Adam. Some have dubbed the story of Adam a myth or allegory personifying the earliest ages of the world, a belief that currently stands as the most reasonable.

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