Allan Kardec

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52. What causes the physical and moral differences in the diversity of the human race on Earth?
“Climate, lifestyles, and habits. The same differences are produced in two children born to the same mother but raised apart from one another under different conditions, bear no moral resemblance to each other.”

53. Was humankind born at various points around the planet?
“Yes, and at various times. This is one of the causes of diversity in the human race. The earliest people spread out across different climates and combined with other races, which formed new ethnic groups.”

a) Do these differences constitute different species? “Of course not. All of these different people are a single family. Do the differences between the varieties of the same fruit stop them from being the same species?”

54. If the human species cannot be traced back to a single ancestor, should humans stop regarding one another as brothers and sisters?
“Under God, all human beings are brothers and sisters animated by a spirit and having the same goal. The human mind is inclined to interpret words literally.”

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