Allan Kardec

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456. Do spirits see everything that we do?
“They can if they so choose, since they are always with you. Practically, spirits only see what they direct their attention to and ignore what does not interest them.”

457. Can spirits see our innermost thoughts?
“They often see what you would like to hide from yourselves. Neither acts nor thoughts can be hidden from spirits.”

a) So is it easier to hide something from an incarnate person than when the same person has passed on?
“Exactly. When you believe yourself to be in complete, solitary privacy, you often have a crowd of spirits watching you.”

458. What do the spirits who observe us think of us?
“That depends on the spirits themselves. Lighthearted spirits enjoy the small disturbances they cause you and laugh at your impatience. More serious spirits pity your faws and try to help you rid yourselves of them.”

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