Allan Kardec

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306. Does a spirit remember every detail of its life? Can it grasp its entire life at a single retrospective glance?
“Depending on the infuence things have had on its state as a spirit, it remembers them more or less clearly. However, we should understand there are many trivial things in its life of no importance; as such, the spirit does not even try to remember them.”

a) Could it remember them if it wanted to remember?
“It could recall the most obscure details of every incident of its life, even of its thoughts. However, a spirit will not choose to do this if it does not fulfll a useful purpose.”

b) Does it understand the purpose of its physical life in relation to the future life?
“Of course, it sees it and understands it better than when incarnated in the living. It understands the need for purifcation to reach God, and it knows that some of its impurities are shed in each existence.”

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