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166. How can a soul that has not reached perfection during corporeal life achieve purifcation?
“By experiencing the trial of a new existence.”

a) How does the soul carry out this new existence? Is it through its transformation as a spirit?
“The soul undergoes a transformation when it purifes itself. For this transformation to happen, it needs to experience the trial of corporeal life.”

b) Does the soul have multiple corporeal lives?
“Yes, we all have many lives. Those who say any different want you to stay ignorant like them.”

c) This statement implies that the soul, after leaving one body, inhabits another. In other words, it reincarnates itself. Is this correct?

167. What is the purpose of reincarnation?
“Atonement and the progressive betterment of humankind. Without this, where would its justice lie?”

168. Is there a limited number of corporeal lives, or does a spirit continue to reincarnate itself forever?
“With each new existence, a spirit takes a step forward in the path of progress. When it sheds all its impurities, the spirit no longer needs the trials of corporeal life.”

169. Is the number of incarnations the same for all spirits?
“No, a person who advances quickly is spared many trials. However, these successive incarnations are always numerous because progress is almost infnite.”

170. What does the spirit become after its fnal incarnation?
“A perfectly happy spirit; a pure spirit.”

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