The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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A wealthy and generous man, a rare thing, found three unfortunate blind men in his way, exhausted by hunger and fatigue. He offered a golden coin to each one. The first one, blind since birth, acrimonious for his misery, did not even open his hand. He had never seen, he said, someone giving a golden coin to a blind person. That was impossible.

The second one mechanically extended his hand but he soon repelled the offer that was made. Like his friend, he thought it was an illusion or a bad taste joke. In short, the coin was also false to him.

The third one, on the contrary, full of faith in God and intelligence, who had partially replaced the missing sense by an accurate tactile sensitivity, took the coin, touched it, stood up and praising the benefactor he left to the neighboring town, in order to acquire what was lacking in his life.

People are the blinds. Spiritism is the golden coin. Judge the tree by its fruits.


Charles IX

SEPTEMBER 30th, 1859 – MEDIUM MS. H…

I asked God to allow me to be among you for a short time, to advise you to never get into religious disputes. I will not say religious’ fights since the times are now much advanced for that. But this was a general disgrace over the time I lived and I could not avoid it. Fatality dragged me along and I pushed the others, those who I had to pull back. Thus, I had my punishment, in principle on Earth, cruelly atoning my crimes for three centuries.

Be meek and patient towards those who you teach. If they do not want to accept in the beginning, may they do it later, when they see your abnegation and devotement.

My friends, my brothers, it would never be too much to make such a recommendation, for there is nothing more terrible than shattering one another in the name of a clement God; in the name of a saint religion, which does not preach but mercy, goodness and charity! Instead, we kill and crush one another, forcing those who we wish to convert to a good God, as they say. Instead of believing in your words, the survivors promptly leave you, as if you were ferocious animals. Be good, I repeat, and particularly full of tolerance towards those who don’t share your beliefs.

Charles IX

1. Would you have the kindness of answering some questions from us? - With pleasure.

2. How did you atone your faults? - Through remorse.

3. Did you have other corporeal existences, after the one we know about? - I had one. I reincarnated as a slave of two Americas. I suffered a lot. That gave me impulse in my purification.

4. What happened to your mother, Catherine de Medici? - She suffered also. She is now on another planet where she leads a life of devotement.

5. Could you write the story of your kingdom, as Louis IX, Louis XI and others did? - I could in the same way that…

6. Do you want to do that through the same medium that serves you as an interpreter now? - Yes, this medium can serve me but I will not start tonight since I did not come for that.

7. We don’t ask you to start today either. We hope you can do it during your breaks and the medium’s, since that would be a lengthy task, which requires a certain time. Can we count on your promise? - I will do that. So long!

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