The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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Father Cesar was a black free man, deceased on February 8th, 1859, at the age of 138 years, near the town of Covington, in the USA, born in Africa and taken to Louisiana at the age of 15. The remains of that patriarch of the black race were carried to the cemetery by a certain number of Covington’s inhabitants and a large number of black people.
Parisian Society, March 25th, 1859

1. (to St. Louis) – Could you kindly tell us if we could evoke Father Cesar that we have just mentioned?
- Yes. I will help him to respond.

NOTE: This start leads to a supposition about the condition of the spirit that we wanted to interrogate.
2. (Evocation).
- What do you want from me? What can a poor spirit like me do in a meeting like yours?

3. Are you happier now than when you were alive?
- Yes, because my situation on Earth was not good.

4. However you were free. In which sense you feel happier now?
- Because my spirit is no longer black. NOTE: This answer is more sensible than it seems at first sight. The spirit is certainly never black. He means that as a spirit he no longer suffers the humiliations to which the black race is submitted.

5. You lived a long life. Did you take advantage of that for your progress? - I felt upset while on Earth but at a certain age I did not suffer enough to be fortunate to progress.

6. How do you employ your time now?
- I try to enlighten myself and find out in which body I can achieve that.

7. What did you think of the white men when alive?
- They are good but lighthearted and proud of a “whiteness” that is not their call.

8. Do you eventually consider the whiteness as superiority?
- Yes, since I was neglected for being black.

9. (to St. Louis) – Is the black race really inferior?
- The black race will disappear from Earth. It was made for latitude that is different from yours.

10. (to father Cesar)
– You said that you are looking for a body with which you could advance. Will you pick a white or black body?
- A white one since the abandonment would hurt me.

11. Did you really live up to the age attributed to you, of 138 years?
- I don’t know exactly for the reason that you mentioned.
NOTE: We had just made considerations about the age of the black people that could only be calculated approximately since there was no civil registration, especially for those born in Africa.

12. (to St. Louis) – Is it true that the whites sometimes reincarnate in black bodies?
- Yes. When, for example, a master has mistreated a slave, he may ask to live in the body of a black person, as atonement, so as to suffer the same that he had made suffer, then advancing and obtaining God’s forgiveness through that.

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