The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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From time to time we will offer select thoughts under the title above, which in a few words will summarize certain essential principles of Spiritism.

I. Those who believe to be capable of avoiding the action of the bad spirits by the abstention of the spiritist communications are like children who believe to be capable of avoiding danger by blind- folding themselves. It would be the same as affirming that it is preferable not to know how to read and write in order to not be exposed to the reading of bad books or to the
writing of stupid things.

II. The one that receives bad spiritist communications, verbal or written, is under a bad influence. Such an influence is exerted on the person irrespective if the person is writing or not. The written text offers a means of proclaiming the nature of the spirits that act upon them. If the person is fascinated enough to the point of not understanding the communications, others can open their eyes.

III. Does someone have to be a medium in order to write an absurd? Who can tell that among all the ridiculous or bad things that have been written already, there aren’t some which the unsuspected Spiritist aphorisms and select thoughts writer, led by some malevolent or jester spirit, represented the role of an obsessed medium through his writing?

IV. The good, but ignorant spirits, confess their insufficiency regarding something that they don’t know. The bad ones pretend to know everything.

V. The advanced spirits demonstrate their superiority by their words and by the constant sublimity of their thoughts, but they are not boastful. Be suspicious of those who emphatically say that they are at the highest level of perfection and among the elected ones. Swaggering is always a sign of mediocrity among the spirits, as it is among us.

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