The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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The goodness of the Lord is eternal. God does not wish the death of His dear children. But, oh man! think that it depends on you to speed up God’s Kingdom on Earth, as well as to keep it away; that you are responsible for one another; and that improving yourselves you work for the regeneration of humanity. The task is huge; the responsibility weighs over each one and nobody can be excused. Embrace the glorious task you have been assigned by the Lord with ardor, but ask God to send workers to their fields because, as Jesus said, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

But behold, we are sent as the workers of your hearts. We sow the good grain into those hearts. Be careful not to smother it. Water it with the tears of repent and joy. Repent for having lived for such a long time in a land cursed by the human wickedness, away from the only true God, adoring the false pleasures of the world, which do not leave on the bottom of the chalice but displeasure and sadness. Joy because the Lord has given you grace; because God wants to speed up the arrival of His beloved children to the paternal heart; because God wants all of you covered by the innocence of the angels, as if you had never been away from Him.

The only one who has shown you the path which will take you to that primitive glory; the only one who you cannot criticize since he has never been wrong in his teachings; the only one fair before God; finally, the only one who you must follow to please God, is Christ. Yes, Christ, your Divine Master, who you have forgotten and neglected for centuries. Love him since he incessantly asks in your favor. He wants to reach out to you.

How? Incredulity still persists! Christ’s wonders cannot abate them! All wonders of creation remain impotent before these mocking spirits; over the dust that cannot extend by a single minute their miserable existence! The wise individuals who think to have all secrets of creation don’t know where they come from; don’t know where they are going to and still deny and challenge everything. Just because they know some of the vulgar laws of the material world, they think they can assess the immaterial world, or even, they say that there is nothing immaterial; that everything must obey those very material laws that they discovered.

But you, Christians! You know that you cannot deny our intervention without denying Christ at the same time; without denying the whole Bible since there isn’t a single page where you cannot find traces of the visible world in communication with the invisible.
Now then! Tell me! Are you or are you not Christians?



Every person has inside what you call an inner voice. It is what the spirit calls conscience, a strict judge who presides over all actions of our lives. When man is alone he listens to that conscience and balances things out in their fair value. He frequently feels ashamed of himself, acknowledging God at that time, but ignorance, a fatal counselor, impels him, tightening up his mask of pride. He shows up plentiful of vacuity, trying to deceive you by his uprightness.

But the righteous person does not hold a proud head. He listens, taking advantage of the wise man’s word. He feels that he is nothing but that God is everything. He endeavors to get educated in the book of nature. He elevates his spirit, expelling from his heart the material passions, which frequently pervert you.

A passion that drags you is a dangerous guide. Keep that in mind, my friend. Let the skeptical laugh, since his laughter will disappear. Man becomes a believer at his last moment. He then thinks of God for He is the one who never deceives. Remember that there is only one path that leads to Him: faith and love to your fellow human beings.

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