The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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The government has allowed the apolitical newspapers to publish news about the war. Since the reports are abundant in all shapes and forms it would be useless to have them repeated here. The greatest news to our readers is the story from the other world. Although it has not been extracted from the official source of the Moniteur, it offers a no less interesting point of view to our studies. Thus, we thought of interviewing some of the glorious victims of the victory, assuming that we could extract some useful instruction from that exercise. Similar themes of studies, and particularly contemporary, cannot be found at any time. Because we did not know personally any of the participants of the last battle, we beseeched the spirits who assist us to send us someone. We even thought that the presence of strangers would be preferable compared to friends or relatives, taken by the emotion. After a positive answer we obtained the following communications.

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