The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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When you wish to study the skills of a medium do not just evoke the first spirit that comes to mind through this individual, since we have never said that the medium is capable of serving all spirits, and a frivolous spirit may well snatch the name of the evoked spirit. You should preferably evoke a known spirit since that one will always attend; you will then assess that spirit based on the language, being in a better condition to assess the nature of the communications received by the medium.

The incarnate spirits act on their own, according to their good or bad nature. They can also act under the influence of non-incar- nate spirits, of which they become instruments for the good or evil, or for the accomplishment of something. Hence, irrespective of us, we are the agents of the spirits with respect to what hap- pens in the world, in the general as well as in the specific sense. Thus, we always find someone who encourages us to doing or not doing something. We typically think that things have happened by chance when, in the majority of the cases, it is the spirits who impel us towards one another, because such gatherings must lead to a given result.

Incarnate in different social positions, the spirits are like actors who dress up like everybody else, but when playing their roles they wear all kinds of outfits, and represent all characters, from the King to the homeless person.
´â╝There are people who are not afraid of death, which they have faced a hundred times, but who experience a certain fear of darkness. They are not afraid of thieves but in the solitude, at a cem- etery, at night, they fear something. It is the presence of the spirits around them, whose contact produces an impression of inexplicable fear.
The origins attributed to us by certain spirits, through the supposed revelation of past existences, are often a means of seduction and a temptation to our pride, flattered by the fact of having been this or that character.


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