The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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Spontaneous communication obtained by Mr. L... a medium of the Society

There is a doctrine that should convert the most incredulous for its enchantment and kindness. This is related to the subject concern- ing guardian angels. Just think about the fact that you have near you beings who are your superiors, who are there to counsel you, to sustain you, to help you to escalate the difficult mountain of righteousness; who are more certain and dedicated friends than the most intimate relation- ships that you can establish on Earth; isn’t that a consoling idea? Those beings are there following God’s orders. It was God who placed them by your side. They are there out of love for God, thus accomplishing a beautiful and tough mission. Yes, they will be with you wherever you go. The dungeons, the hospitals, the places of mockery, the solitude, nothing separates you from those friends that you don’t see but whose kind impulse your soul feels, hearing their wise advices.

Had you known this reality better, how many times would that help you at moments of crisis! How many times would that save you from the hands of the bad spirits! However, on the great day this angel of goodness may tell you: “Haven’t I told you? And you did not do it. Haven’t I shown you the abyss? And you fell into that. Haven’t I made you hear the voice of truth in your conscience? Nevertheless, you followed the advices of lie.”

Ah! Interrogate your guardian angels; establish with them this fond inti- macy that reigns among the best of friends. Think not of hiding anything from them since theirs is God’s eyes and you cannot deceive them. Think of the future and endeavor to advance in this life. Thus your trials will be shorter and your existences happier. Go people, courage! Cast away your prejudices and hidden thoughts, once for all. Take the new path that opens up before you. March on; march on, since you have guides that you must follow. The target cannot frustrate you for the target is God Himself.

To those who think it is impossible for elevated spirits to attach them- selves to such a laborious and constant task, we say that we influence your souls even by being millions of miles away from you. To us, space is nothing and even living in another world, our spirits keep the bonds with yours. We enjoy faculties that you cannot understand but be assured that God has not imposed on us a burden beyond our strength and that God did not abandon you without friends and support on Earth. Each guard- ian angel has his own protégé who it watches like a father over the son. It is happy when sees the child following the good path and suffers when its advices are neglected.

Don’t be afraid of bothering us with your questions. On the contrary, be always in touch with us, since you will then be stronger and happier. What makes all people mediums are these communications between each person with their familiar spirit – mediums who are ignored today but who will manifest later, spreading like a boundless ocean to keep incredu- lity and ignorance away. Educated people, educate; talented people, teach your brothers and sisters. You don’t know the work that you accomplish by doing so. It is the works of Christ which God imposes on you. Why would God have given you intelligence and Science but to share with your brothers and sisters and make them advance in the path of the eternal venture and happiness?

St. Louis and St. Augustine

OBSERVATION: The doctrine of the guardian angels, watching over their protégés, despite the distance that separates the worlds, is not sur- prising. It is, on the contrary, grandiose and sublime. Don’t we see on Earth a parent watching over one’s child, even from a distance, help- ing with one’s advice and exchanging correspondence with them? What would then be strange in the fact that the spirits could guide those taken under their protection, from a world to the next, since for them the dis- tance which separates the worlds is less than the one which separates the continents on Earth?

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