The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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Vincent de Paul
SEPTEMBER 30th, 1859 – MEDIUM MR. R.

Love one another - that is the whole Divine law, through which God creates incessantly, governing the worlds. Love is the law of attraction to the living and organized beings. Attraction is the law of love to the inorganic matter.

Don’t you ever forget that the spirit, whatever its level of advancement and situation, be it in an incarnation or in erraticity, the spirit is always placed between a superior who guides and improves it, and an inferior to whom it has the same duties to be accomplished.

Thus, be charitable, not only the charity which makes you take the mites from your pocket, indifferently given to the daring beggar, but go and look for the hidden miseries.

Be indulgent to the faults of your fellow human beings. Instead of neglecting ignorance and vice, educate and do moralize them.

Be meek, even before the lowermost creatures, and you will have obeyed God’s law.

Vincent de Paul

OBSERVATION: The spirits who are considered saints by human beings don’t generally present themselves as such. Thus, St. Vincent de Paul signs simply Vincent de Paul; St. Louis signs Louis. On the contrary, those who usurp names and qualities which are not theirs, very commonly exhibit false titles, no doubt thinking that they can impose themselves more easily. However, such a mask cannot deceive whoever takes the burden of studying their language. The really superior spirits have a language whose character cannot be mistaken.

NOVEMBER 18th, 1859 – MEDIUM MR. R.

Union is strength. Be united and you will be strong. Spiritism has germinated; it has sowed profound roots; it will stretch its beneficent branches over the whole planet. You must become invulnerable to the darts of calumny and the dark phalanx of the ignorant, selfish and hypocritical. To get there may your relationships be presided by a reciprocal indulgence and benevolence! May your faults go unnoticed and only your virtues be noted. May the torch of the sanctified friendship unite, enlighten and warm your hearts. Thus, you will resist the impotent attacks of evil, like the unbreakable rock before the furious wave.

Vincent de Paul

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 1859 – MEDIUM MR. R.
Up until now the war has not been seen but from its material side: intestine wars, wars of people against people. You have seen in wars no more than conquests, slavery, blood, death, ruins. It is now time to consider them from a moralizing and progressive standpoint.

War sows death and ideas along its path. Ideas blossom and grow. After the temper of the spiritual life, the spirit comes to fructify them. Hence, do not curse the diplomat who prepared the fight, nor the captain who led his troops to victory. There are great fights in preparation.

These are fights of good against evil, darkness against light, the spirit of progress against the stagnant ignorance. Patiently wait since your curses or praises may not change God’s will. God will always know how to maintain or to keep away from the theater of the events God’s instruments, according to the accomplishment or abuse of their missions, serving their personal interests by the power acquired through their successes.

You have the example of the modern Cesar and mine. I had to atone my faults through several miserable and obscure existences, and the last time I lived on Earth it was by the name of Louis IX. J
ulio Cesar

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