The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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New book published by Mr. Allan Kardec

The book is an introduction to the knowledge of the invisible world or the world of the spirits, containing the fundamental principles of the Doctrine and the answers to some important questions.
Author of The Spirits’ Book and director of the Spiritist Review Grand in-8, price: 60 c *

People that only have a superficial knowledge about Spiritism are naturally led to frame certain questions, whose in-depth study would, no doubt, give them the solution, but they lack the time and frequently will not dedicate themselves to regular observation. They would like to at least know what it is all about and if it is worth to get involved with that, before initiating the task. Thus, it seemed useful to us to present, in a limited picture, the answers to some fundamental questions that are addressed to us daily. To the reader it will be a first initiation and to us it will be time saved by the avoidance of constant repetitions of the same things. The format of dialogue seemed more convenient since it does not offer the dryness of the purely dogmatic style. We end this introduction by a summary that will allow the understanding of all of the fundamental principles of the science through a quick reading. Those who after that short exposition consider the subject worthy of their attention can investigate it further with knowledge of cause. The objections come, most of the time, from the false ideas that we acquire a priori about something that we don’t know. The rectification of such ideas operates in anticipation to the objections. That is our proposed objective in writing the small book. Persons unfamiliar to Spiritism will find in that publication the means of acquiring an idea about the subject, in a short time and at a low budget; those who are already initiated will find the means of resolving the main difficulties that are proposed to them. We count on the support of every friend of this Science, helping with the propagation of the short summary.


* All publications of Mr. Allan Kardec can be found in the bookstores of Mr. Ledoyen and Mr. Dentu and in the Review newsroom.

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