The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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The spirit of Mozart has just dictated a piece of a sonata to our ex- cellent medium, Mr. Bryon-Dorgeval. As a means of assessing the work, the medium had the piece heard by several artists, not indicating its origin, but only asking for their opinion about the piece. Each of them acknowledged, without hesitation, Mozart’s style. The piece was executed in the session of the Society on April 8th last, in the presence of several knowledgeable persons, of Ms. Davans, Chopin’s pupil and distinguished pianist, who kindly provided us with her service.

As an element of comparison, Ms. Davans executed beforehand a sonata that Mozart had composed when alive. Everyone unanimously agreed, not only with the similarity of styles, but also with the superior- ity of the spirit’s composition. Then the same pianist executed a piece of Chopin with his typical talent.

We could not let the opportunity of evoking both composers escape, then having the following conversation:

1. You know for sure the reason why we called you. - Your call pleases me.

2. Do you acknowledge as yours the piece that we have just heard? - Yes, very much so. I recognize it perfectly well. The medium who served as my interpreter is a friend that has not betrayed me.

3. Which one do you prefer?
- The second one, no doubt.

4. Why?
- The sweetness and charm are more tender and lively in that one.

NOTE: These are the qualities indicated by others in the piece.

5. Can the music in the world where you live compare to ours?
- You would have difficulty understanding it. We enjoy senses that you still don’t have.

6. We were told that there is a natural, universal harmony in your world that we do not know here.
- It is true. You create music on Earth; here, the whole nature produces melodious sounds.

7. Could you play piano?
- No doubt I could. But I don’t want to. It would be useless. 8. It would, however, be a powerful means of conviction.
- Aren’t you convinced?

NOTE: Everyone knows that the spirits do not submit themselves to trials. They frequently and spontaneously do what we have not asked them to do. As a matter of fact, this type of manifesta- tion would fall in the category of the physical manifestations, not proper of the superior spirits.

9. What do you think about the recent publication of your letters?
- They vivified my memory a lot.

10. Your memories are in everyone’s memory. Could you describe the effect that these letters had on public opinion?
- Yes. They made me more loved. People got more connected to me as a man than before.

NOTE: The person that framed the last questions, in reality strange to the Society, confirmed that as the actual opinion produced in public opinion.

11. We would like to question Chopin. Would that be possible? Yes. He is sadder and more somber than I am.

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