The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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Society, July 22nd, 1859

1. (To Mr. Arago) We were told that the Solferino storm had a providential objective, and several facts of that nature were pointed out to us, particularly in February and June of 1848. Did those storms had a similar objective during the combats? - Almost all of them.

2. Once questioned about that the spirit told us that it was only God acting, without intermediaries. We take the liberty of asking you a few questions in that regard, asking you to kindly respond with your customary clarity. We understand perfectly well that God’s will is the primary cause in this, as in everything else. However, we also know that the spirits are God’s agents. Well then, if we know that the spirits exert action upon matter, we cannot see why some of them would not exert influence over the elements, so as to agitate them, calm them down or drive them. - But that is evident. It cannot be different. God does not act directly upon matter. God has His dedicated agents on all degrees of the scale of the worlds. The evocated spirit said those things for having a limited knowledge about these laws, as also with respect to the laws of war.
OBSERVATION: The communication of the officer mentioned above was obtained on July 1st; this one only took place on July 22nd, through another medium. The current question makes no reference about the elevation of the first spirit who was evoked then, just mentioned by the spirit in this current evocation. This circumstance is characteristic and demonstrates that the medium’s thought did not absolutely influence the answer. That is how the spirit reveals in several serendipitous circumstances his independence as well as his identity. That is why we have said that it is necessary to observe and see a lot. That is how we detect a number of nuances which otherwise go unnoticed by the hastily and superficial observer. We know that we need to capture the details as they present themselves and that they will not be obtained when provoked. The attentive and patient observer always finds food for thought.
3. The mythology is entirely founded on the spiritist ideas. There we find all properties of the spirits with the difference that the former peoples transformed them into gods. Well, mythology presents those gods, or spirits, with special attributes. Thus, some were in charge of the winds, others the lightning or vegetation, etc. Is such a belief with merit? - It is so much merit that it is very close to the truth.
4. In the beginning of our communications the spirits told us things that seem to confirm that principle. We were told, for example, that certain spirits inhabit more particularly the interior of Earth, presiding over the geological phenomena. - Yes, and it will not be long for you have an explanation of all this.
5. The spirits who inhabit the interior of Earth, presiding over the geological phenomena, are they of an inferior order? - Those spirits don’t positively live on Earth but preside over and drive the geological phenomena. They are from a completely different order.
6. Have those spirits been incarnate in human beings like us? - They have been and will be. I will momentarily tell you more about that if you want.

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