The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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A Navy Officer present in the Session of the Society on February 4th last, showed his wishes to have a Tahitian chef called Hitoti evoked, who he met when visiting the Oceania.

1. Evocation
- What do you want?

2. Could you tell us why you preferred to embrace the French cause in the Oceania?
- I liked that nation. Besides, my interest obliged me to that.

3. Were you happy with the trip to France that we provided to your grandson and with the care given to him?
- Yes and no. The trip might perhaps have improved his spirit a lot but that made him completely alien to his homeland, for it gave him ideas that he should never have entertained.

4. What were the rewards from the French government that pleased you the most?
- The decorations.

5. What was your preferred decoration?
- The Legion of Honor

OBSERVATION: The medium and all of those attending the meet- ing ignored this circumstance. The person who made the evocation confirmed it. Although the medium was intuitive and not mechani- cal, how could such a thought have been attributed to him? It could be admitted in the case of an ordinary question, but this would be inadmissible since dealing with a positive fact from which nobody could have given him any idea about.

6. Are you happier now than when you were when alive?
- Yes, much more.

7. What is the state of your spirit?
- Errant, but I must reincarnate.

8. What do you do in this errant life?
- I enlighten myself.

OBSERVATION: This answer is almost general among the errant spirits. The more morally advanced they are the more they add the practice of good and assistance to those who need their advices.

9. How do you get instructed since you don’t do that in the same way you did when alive?
- I work my spirit and travel. I understand that this is not very clear. Later you will know.

10. Which regions do you visit with more satisfaction?
- Regions? Rest assured that I do not travel over your Earth. I move up and down; I go from one side to the other, moral and physically. I have seen and examined worlds with great care at your sunrise as well as your sunset; some which are still in terrible states of barbarism and others well above yours.

11. You said that you would be incarnate soon. Do you know in which world?
- Yes. I have been there many times.

12. Can you designate it?
- No.

13. Why do you neglect Earth in your travels?
- Because I already know it.

14. Although you don’t travel around Earth any longer, do you still think of some persons that you loved?
- A little.

15. Aren’t you concerned with the persons who gave you affection?
- A little.

16. Do you remember them?
- Very well. But we will meet again and then I hope to pay them everything back. I was asked if I do not worry about them. No, but it does not mean that I forgot them.

17. Haven’t you seen again that friend I referred to earlier on and that, like you, is also dead?
- Yes but we will see one another more physically. We will incarnate in the same sphere and our paths will cross.

18. We are thankful to you for attending our appeal.
- Good-bye. Work and think.

OBSERVATION: The person that did the evocation and knows the habits of those people declares that the last statement is in agreement with their practices. It is a usual expression among them, kind of vulgar, and which the medium could not guess. It is also acknowledged that the whole conversation is in agreement with the character of the evoked spirit and that his identification is evident.

The answer to question 17 offers remarkable insight: we will incarnate in the same sphere and our paths will cross. It is dem- onstrated that the beings that loved each other meet in the world of the spirits. However, as it seems also from many analogous an- swers, one may also follow the other in their corporeal existences. Then, unnoticeably, the circumstances lead them closer through physical relationships or through friendships. This gives us the reason for certain sympathies.

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