The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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General Hoche
Society July 22nd, 1859

1. (Evocation) - I am with you.

2. Mrs. J… told us that you have spontaneously communicated with her. Why did you do that since she had not called you? - She is the one that brings me here. I wanted to be evoked by you and I knew that going to her house you would be informed and would likely call me.

3. You told her that you were following the military operations in Italy. That is natural. Can you tell us what you think about that? - They produced great results. In my time we would fight longer.

4. Do you have an active role by watching that war? - No, a simple spectator.

5. Have other generals from your time been there with you? - Yes, as you can figure out.

6. Could you let us know who some of them are? - It would be useless.

7. They say that Napoleon I was present, a fact that is not difficult to believe. During the first wars of Italy he was a simple general. Could you tell us if in this war he saw things from the point of view of a general or an Emperor? - From both, besides a third one: the diplomat.

8. When alive you held a similar position as his. Since he moved up the ranks a lot from the time of your death, could you tell us if you consider him as your superior, as a spirit? - Equality reigns here. What do you want to know about that?

OBSERVATION: No doubt that he understands that the spirits do not carry their Earthly distinction over, with which they are not much concerned, meaning nothing among them; however, moral equality it is far from existing there. There is a hierarchy and subordination among them, based on the acquired qualities and no one can avoid the ascendency of those who are more elevated and pure.

9. Did you foresee the near peace when following the events of war? - Yes.

10. Was it a simple prediction or did you have a previous and certain knowledge? - No; I was told so.

11. Are you sensitive to the memories we have of you? - Yes, but I did so little.

12. Your widow has just died. Have you immediately met her? - I waited for her. I will leave her now. The existence calls me.

13. Is it on Earth that you will have another existence? - No.

14. Do we know the world where you are going? - Yes. Mercury.

15. Is that world morally superior or inferior to Earth? - Inferior. I will elevate it. I will contribute to improve its classification.

16. Do you already know that world? - Yes, very well. Perhaps even better than I will know it when I inhabit it.

OBSERVATION: This answer is perfectly logical. As a spirit he sees the world in its wholeness. As an incarnate spirit he sees from a restrict point of view, limited to his personality and the social position that he occupies.

17. From a physical point of view, are the inhabitants of that world as material as those from Earth? - Yes, completely and even more.

18. Was it you who chose that world for your next existence? - No, no. I would have preferred a calm and happy land. I will find streams of evil there and the furors of crime to punish.

OBSERVATION: When our Christian missionaries travel to places where the barbarians live, sowing the germens of civilization on them, don’t they exert a similar function? Why then should we be surprised by the fact that an elevated spirit goes to an inferior world to make it advance?

19. Was such an existence imposed on you by constraint? - No. It was advised to me. I was led to understand that destiny, the Providence if you will, called me there. It is like death before heavens. One needs to suffer and I did not suffer enough.

20. Are you happy as a spirit? - Yes, without any issue.

21. What were your occupations as a spirit, since the time when you left Earth? - I visited the world, the whole planet Earth. That required a few years. I learned about the laws employed by God to drive all phenomena which contribute to the Earthly life. Then I did the same in several other spheres.

22. We thank you for having willingly accepted our appeal. - Good-bye. You will not see me again.

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