The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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Dictated by the Spirit of Alfred de Musset to Mrs...

If you on Earth suffer,
Oh! Afflicted heart;
If to misery handcuffed
Is your part;
Think of your affliction
That follows the path;
From the crying condition,
To the better aftermath. Life’s regrets,
Are they so numerous
That the heart forgets
The day that among the illustrious, As for suffering compensation,
The sidereal man
Will get the decoration
Of the e thereal domain?
Life is a passage;
Know the way about.
Acting with courage
You’ll happily cover its route.

OBSERVATION: The medium that served as interpreter not only did not know the most elemental rules of poetry but also had never written a single verse. She writes them with extraordinary facility, when dictated by the spirits. Although she has been a medium for a short time, she already has a large and interesting collection. We have seen some very charming and opportune among them, dictated by the spirit of a person who is alive, evoked by her, residing 200 leagues away. That person, when in the state of vigil, is not a better poet than the medium herself.

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