Allan Kardec

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4. The gift of revealing the future is generally attributed to the prophets, so that the words prophecy and prediction have become synonyms. In the evangelical sense the word prophet has a much wider significance. This name is given to all those sent by God with the mission to instruct mankind and to reveal both that which is hidden and the mysteries of spiritual life. Therefore a person may be a prophet without making any predictions. This was the idea as understood by the Jews at the time of Jesus, and this is why when they took Him before the high priest Caiaphas, the scribes and wisemen who were there spat upon Him and hit Him with their fists saying: "Christ, prophesy to us and tell us who hit you." Nevertheless, it has happened that there have been prophets who could see into the future, be it through intuition or providential revelations, so they could transmit these warnings to mankind. Due to the fact of these predictions having been fulfilled, the gift of predicting the future was considered to be one of the attributes of being a prophet.

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