Allan Kardec

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12. If mankind loved one another mutually then charity would be better practised. However, for this to happen it is necessary to shed the armoured plate that covers your hearts, in order that they may become sensitive to the sufferings of others. Severity and rigidity kill all good sentiments. Christ never avoided anyone, nor did He repel those who came in search of Him, whoever they might be. He helped the adulterous woman and the criminal, never fearing that His reputation might suffer as a consequence. When will you take Him as your model for all your actions? If charity reigned on Earth then evil could not prevail; it would fade away in shame; it would hide itself seeing that wherever it went it would feel out of place. Then evil would simply disappear; be quite sure of this!

Begin by giving examples yourselves: be charitable to all, without distinction, and make an effort not to heed those who look on you with disdain. Leave the task of doing justice to God, to the One who every day in His kingdom separates the wheat from the chaff.

Selfishness is a total denial of charity. Moreover, without charity there would be no rest for human society. I go even further and say there would be no safety. With selfishness and pride, both of which go hand in hand, life would always be a race in which the most cunning would be the winners. It would be a fight of interests in which the most saintly affections would be trodden underfoot, and where not even sacred family ties would be deserving of respect. PASCAL (Sens, 1862).

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