Allan Kardec

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6. Devils occupy the space which separates Heaven from Earth; this constitutes the link which unites the Universe with itself. The Divinity never enters into direct contact with Man, which is done through the mediation of the devils with whom the gods have dealings, and who occupy themselves with him both during waking and sleeping.

In ancient times the word daimon, from which the term evil was derived, was not used in the bad sense as it is today. Nor was it used exclusively for evil beings, but for Spirits in general within which were included Superior Beings called gods, as well as the less elevated, the actual devils, who communicated directly with Man. Spiritism also says that Spirits inhabit space, that God only communicates with Man through the intermediary of pure Spirits who are entrusted to transmit His wishes. Spirits also communicate with Man during sleep as well as while he is awake. If we put the word Spirit in place of the word devil we have the Spiritist doctrine, and by putting the word Angel we have the Christian doctrine.

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