Allan Kardec

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3. Jesus did not come to destroy the Law, that is to say God's Law. He came to fulfill and develop it, to show its real meaning and to adapt it to the degree of Man's advancement at that time. That is why we find within the Law the principle of our duty to God and our fellowmen to be the base of His doctrine. Regarding the laws devised by Moses we find bat be, on the contrary, modified them profoundly, both in form and substance. While constantly combating the abuses of exterior practices and false interpretations, he was unable to make the people go through a more radical reform than that of reducing the Law to the order: ‘Love God above all things and your neighbour as yourself,' adding this is all the law and the prophets.

By the words, 'Heaven and Earth will not pass till everything be fulfilled, even to the last jot,' Jesus wished to say it was necessary for God's Law to be completely implemented and practised over all the Earth in all its pureness, with all its amplifications and consequences. In effect, what use would it have been to promulgate the Law if it were only to benefit one nation or only a few men? Mankind, being sons and daughters of God, is without distinction and so subject to the same solicitude.

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