Allan Kardec

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6. The question that was asked of Jesus was motivated by the fact that the Jews, who abominated the tribute imposed on them by the Romans, had made the payment of this tribute a religious question. Numerous parties had been set up against this tax. So this payment constituted a point of irritation amongst them at that time. If this had not been the case there would have been no point in the question which was asked of Jesus: "Is it licit for us to pay or not to pay this tribute to Caesar?" There had been a trap set by this question because those who had put it expected the reply to go against either the Roman authority or the dissident Jews. But Jesus, 'who understood their malice,' got round this difficulty and gave them a lesson in justice by saying that to each one should be given what was due to them. (see INTRODUCTION, under the sub-title: THE PUBLICANS.)

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