Allan Kardec

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8. Who better than I to understand the truth of these words of Our Lord: "My Kingdom is not of this world"? When an Earth, I lost myself through pride. Who then can understand the total lack of value of the earthly kingdom if not I? What was I able to bring with me of my earthly regality? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! And as if to make my lesson more terrible, it did not even accompany me to my tomb! A queen amongst men, I thought to enter Heaven as a queen. What a disillusion! What a humiliation when, instead of being received as a sovereign, I saw above me, a long way above me, those whom I had judged insignificant and whom I had despised because they were not of noble blood. Oh! How I understand now the barrenness of honours and splendour so eagerly courted on Earth!

In order to win a place in this Kingdom it is necessary to show abnegation, humility, benevolence and charily in its most celestial form. They do not ask who you are, nor what position you occupied. Instead they ask what good you have done, haw many tears you have dried.

Oh Jesus! You said that Your Kingdom was not of this world because it is necessary suffer in order to reach Heaven; and one cannot reach there by means of the steps to a throne. Only the most painful paths lead one to it. Seek your path then, through briars and thorns and not amongst the flowers.

Men and women hurry and fro with the hope of acquiring earthly possessions, as if they would be able to keep them for ever. Here however, illusions disappear and it is soon perceived that they had only been chasing shadows. Then it becomes apparent that the only really golden possessions, the only ones which can be made use of in their Heavenly home, the only ones which can offer the possibility of entry, have been despised.

Have pity an those who have not entered into Heaven. Help them with your prayers, because prayer helps mankind approach the Most High; it is what links Heaven and Earth. Do not forget! - A QUEEN OF FRANCE (Havre, 1863).

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