Allan Kardec

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1O. Once, in His undying charity, God permitted Man to see the truth pierce the darkness. That day was the advent of Christ. After that living Light was gone the darkness returned; having been given the alternatives of truth or obscurity the world once again lost itself. Then, similar to the prophets of the Old Testament, the Spirits began speak and finally gave warning that the world is trembling on its very foundations and thunder will resound. Remain steady!

Spiritism is of a divine order because it is based upon the actual laws of Nature, and you may be certain that everything of a divine nature has a great and useful objective. Your world was losing itself yet again because science, developed at the cast of all that is moral, was only inducing you to material well being, resulting in benefit for the Spirit of darkness. Ah! Eighteen centuries of blood and martyrs, and still Christ's reign has not yet come! Christians! Return to the Teacher who wishes save you! It is easy for those who believe and who love. Love fills one with indescribable happiness. Yes, my children, the world is slaking as the good Spirits have repeatedly warned. Bend with the wind that announces the storm, so that you are not thrown down. That is to say, prepare yourselves so as not to be like the foolish virgins who were taken by surprise at the arrival of their husbands!

This revolution which prepares itself is more moral than material. The great Spirits, who are divine messengers, instill faith amongst you so that all who are enlightened and zealous workers may make their humble voices heard, seeing that all humanity are like grains of sand, without which there would be no mountains. Thus the wards: 'We are small' lack significance. To each his mission, to each his work. Does not the ant build his republic, and other imperceptible animals raise continents? The new crusade has begun. Apostles, not of war, but of universal peace, modern Saint Bernards, look ahead and march forward. The law of the worlds is a law of progress. - FENELON (Poitiers, 1861).

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