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11. Saint Augustin is one of the greatest popularizers of Spiritism. He bas manifested himself in almost every part. The reason for this is to be found in the life story of this great Christian philosopher. He belongs to a vigorous phalanx known as Fathers of the church, to whom Christianity awes its mast solid bases. Like many others he was uprooted from Paganism, or rather from the most profound godlessness, by the splendour of truth. When suddenly, in the middle of his dissipations, he felt a strange vibration in his soul which called him to himself and made him understand that happiness was not to be found in debilitating and escapist pleasures. Finally he too had a similar experience to Paul, who heard saintly voices calling to him an the road to Damascus saying: 'Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?' When Saint Augustin heard his voices he exclaimed: 'My God! My God! Forgive me! I believe; I am a Christian!' From this moment an he became one of the greatest supporters of the Gospel. You may read the notable confessions left by this eminent Spirit, the characteristic and prophetic words he uttered after the death of Saint Monica, 'I am convinced that my mother will visit me and give me advice, revealing to me what awaits us in the future life.' What great leaching in these words! What resounding foresight of the doctrine that was to come! This is the reason why today, seeing that the time has come to spread the truth as he predicted, he has become its ardent disseminator and as it were, multiplied himself in order to be able to reply to all who call him. - ERASTUS, disciple of Saint Paul (Paris 1863).

NOTE: Would it be possible for Saint Augustin to demolish what he himself had built? Certainly not. But just as many others before him, he now sees with the eye of Spirit what he could not see while he was a man. In freedom his soul sees new brightness and understands what previously had been impossible to understand. New ideas have revealed to him the true meaning of certain words. On Earth he judged things according to the knowledge he possessed at that time. But ever since he saw the new light he can appreciate those words more judiciously. Thus he had to revise his beliefs regarding incubus and sucubus spirits, as well as the condemnation which he had launched against the theory of the antipodes. Now that he can see Christianity in us true light and in all us pureness, it is acceptable that on some points he thinks differently from when he was alive, which in no way prohibits him from continuing to be a Christian apostle. He may even establish himself as a disseminator of Spiritism without renouncing his faith, because he has seen that which was forecast come to pass. Therefore, by proclaiming this doctrine today, he only leads us towards a more correct and logical interpretation of the texts. The same also occurs with other Spirits who find themselves in a similar position.

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