Allan Kardec

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4. Spiritism, when thoroughly understood and above all when deeply and sincerely felt, leads to the results already expounded, which characterize the true Spiritist just as much as the true Christian, for they are one and the same. Spiritism does not institute any new morals; it only makes it easier for mankind to understand and practise Christ's morals by giving an unshakable and enlightened faith to those who are in doubt or who waver.

Meanwhile, many of those who believe in the fact of mediumistic manifestations do not comprehend the consequences nor the far reaching moral effects, or if they do, then they do not apply them to themselves. To what is this attributed? Is it due to some failing in the clarity of the doctrine? No, because it does not contain any allegories or forms which could lead to false interpretations. Clarity is the very essence from which it gets its strength, because it touches Man's intelligence directly. There is no mystery, and those who are initiated are not in possession of any secrets hidden from the people.

Is it indispensable then to possess an outstanding intelligence in order to understand? No, in as much as there are people of notable capacities who do not understand, whereas there are many of ordinary intelligence, even young people, who grasp the meaning of even the most delicate points with remarkable precision. This proves that the so called physical part of science only requires eyes to be able to observe, while the essential part demands a certain degree of sensitivity, which can be called maturity in the moral sense and which is quite independent of age or level of education, because it is peculiar to the spiritual advancement of the incarnate soul.

In some people, material ties are still too strong for them to be able to release themselves from earthly things. A kind of mist with which they are surrounded, does not allow them to see into the infinite future. This results in the fact of them not being able to break away from old tendencies or habits because they cannot see that there exists something better than what they already have. They believe in Spirits as a simple fact. But this modifies none or very few of their instinctive tendencies. In a word, they perceive nothing more than a small ray of light insufficient to guide them or offer profound aspirations which would make it possible for them to overcome their inclinations. The phenomenon touches them more than the morality, which seems to them to be hackneyed and monotonous. They ask only that the Spirits unceasingly initiate new mysteries, without asking themselves if they have become worthy of penetrating the hidden secrets of the Creator as yet. These then are the imperfect Spiritists, some of whom have remained stationary in time or have turned away from their brother's and sister's faith, due to their having drawn back before the necessity of self-reform, or perhaps they have kept sympathy with those who share the same weaknesses or prejudices. Nevertheless, the acceptance of the fundamental principles of the doctrine is the first step, from which it will be easier for them to take a second step in a future life.

The person who can be justifiably classified as a true and sincere Spiritist is to be found on a superior level of moral progress. The spirit of this person almost completely dominates their physical body, so giving them a clearer perception of the future. The principles of the doctrine, which leave many untouched, cause them to feel deep inner vibrations. In short, their heart is moved and this is what makes their faith unshakable. It is like a musician who is touched by only a few chords, whereas another person hears only sounds. The true Spiritist can be recognised by their moral transformation and by the efforts they employ in order to dominate their bad instincts. While one is content with a limited horizon, the other, who understands that better things exist, makes every effort to liberate himself and always manages to do this when their desire is strong and true.

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