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12. These maxims apply even more especially to the Spiritist teachings. Whoever knows Christ's precepts and does not keep them is certainly guilty.

However, besides the fact that the Gospel which contains them is only found scattered in the bosom of the Christian sects, even amongst those, how many there are who do not read them! And even amongst those who do read them, how many there are who do not understand them! The result of all this is that the words of Jesus remain lost to the majority of men and women.

It is important to note that nothing is circumscribed within the teachings of the Spirits, who reproduce these maxims in various forms, developing and commenting on them in order to put them within the reach of all. Every person, be they learned or illiterate, believer or incredulous, Christian or not, is able to receive them because the Spirits communicate in all places. No one who receives them either directly or through an intermediary, can allege ignorance. It is not possible to excuse oneself under the pretext of lack of instruction, nor even that of the obscure allegoric meaning. Therefore those who do not take advantage of these maxims to better themselves, who admire them only as something curious or interesting, without allowing them to touch their heart, who do not become less futile, less prideful, less selfish, less attached to material things, or who are no better towards their neighbour, will be all the more guilty in proportion to the number of ways open to them to acquire knowledge of truth.

Those mediums who receive good communications but continue to persist in evil, are even more censurable because they frequently write their own condemnation. Also, because if it were not for the fact of their being blinded by pride, they would recognise that it is to them that the Spirits address themselves. But instead of taking the lessons which they write or those they read, written by others, for themselves, their only preoccupation is in applying these lessons to others. In this manner they confirm these words of Jesus: "You see the splinter in the eye of your neighbour, but you do not see the beam that is in yours." (See chapter 10, item 9.)

In the sentence: "If you were blind you would not have sinned," Jesus wished to signify that the culpability is according to how enlightened a person may or may not be. Now the Pharisees, who maintained the pretence of being to all effects the most enlightened peoples of their nation, showed themselves to be more guilty before God than those who were ignorant. The same applies today.

Much will be asked of Spiritists because they have received much; on the other hand, to those who have taken every advantage of their learning much will be given.

Therefore, the first thought of all sincere Spiritists should be to find out if in the counselling received from the Spirits there is not something which applies to themselves. Spiritism will multiply the number of those who are CALLED; likewise through growing faith the proportion of those who are CHOSEN will also be multiplied.

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