Allan Kardec

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37. This prediction, without doubt, is one of the most important, in a religious point of view, because it verifies in the most conclusive manner that Jesus has not said all that he had to say, because that he would not have been comprehended even by his apostles, since it is to them he addresses his words. If he had given secret instructions to them, they would have mentioned it in the Gospels. Since he has not told everything he knew to his apostles, their successors have known no more than themselves of it. They themselves have been able to misconstrue the sense of his words, to give a false impression of his ideas, often veiled under the form of parables. The religions founded upon the Gospels can then not be said to be in possession of all the truth, since the completion of them has been postponed to a subsequent time. Their principle of immutability is a protestation against even the words of Jesus.

He announces, under the name of “Consoler” and “Spirit of Truth,” he who must teach all things and make them recall that which he has said; then his teaching was not complete. Moreover, he predicted that they will have forgotten that which he has said, and that they will have altered the nature of it, since the Spirit of Truth must make them recall it, and in concert with Elias reestablish all things; that is to say, according to the true idea of Jesus.

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