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5. The following table of comparison, in which is a summary of the phenomena characterizing each one of the six periods, permits of embracing the whole, and enables one to decide between the statements of science and the Biblical Genesis:

1. Astronomical Period.
Agglomeration of universal cosmic matter upon a point of space in a nebula which has received birth by the condensation of matter from diverse points, from the sun, stars, moon, Earth, and all planets. Primitive fluid and incandescent state of Earth. Dense atmosphere charged with vapor and volatile matter.

First Day.
The heavens and the Earth. Light.

2. Primary Period.
Hardening of Earth’s surface by cooling process; formation of granite beds. Atmosphere thick and burning, impenetrable to sun’s rays. Gradual precipitation of water and solid volatile substances in the air. Absence of all organic life.

Second Day.
The firmament. Separation of waters under firmament from those above it.

3. Transition Period.
The waters cover all the surface of the globe. First deposits of sediment formed by waters. Humid heat. Sun commences to pierce the foggy atmosphere. First organized beings of most rudimentary constitution, — Lichens, mosses, ferns, lycopodes, herbaceous plants. Colossal vegetation. First marine animals, — zoophyte, polyps, crustaceans. - Coal deposits.

Third Day.
The waters under the firmament are

gathered together. Dry land appears.

The Earth and sea. Plants.

4. Secondary Period.
Surface of Earth little uneven, waters not very deep, and forming marshes on Earth. Temperature less burning, purer atmosphere; considerable calcareous deposits, vegetation less colossal; new species, woody plants; first trees. Fishes, jelly and shell; turtles, great aquatic and amphibious reptiles.

Fourth Day.
Sun, moon, stars.

5. Tertiary Period.
Great uprising of solid crust, formation of continents; retreat of waters into lower places, formation of seas. Purified atmosphere; present temperature by solar heat. Gigantic terrestrial animals; vegetables and animals as at present; birds.
Universal deluge.

Fifth Day.
Fishes and birds.

6. Post-Deluge Period
Alluvial beds. Present vegetables and animals. Man.

Sixth Day.
Terrestrial Animals - Man

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