Allan Kardec

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7. The Earth’s soul represents the main theme in the theory of incrustation; let us see if the following idea gives us a better foundation.

Organic development is always in accordance with the development of the intellectual principle. The organism completes itself upon the multiplication of the soul’s faculties. In all beings, from the polyp to the man, the organic scale follows constantly the progression of intelligence. Neither could it be otherwise, as the soul needs an instrument adequate to the importance of the functions it should carry out. What good would be the intelligence of the monkey to an oyster, without the necessary organs for its manifestation? If then, the Earth were an animated being, serving as body to a special soul, due to its constitution, this soul would have to be even more rudimental than that of the polyp, as the Earth does not have the same vitality as that of the plant. According to the role that has been attributed to this soul, one makes of it a being that is endowed with reason and a most complete free will; in short, a superior Spirit. This is not rational, as never a Spirit would have been so poorly divided and imprisoned. The idea of the soul of the Earth, understood in such sense should then be classified among the systematic and chimerical conceptions.

More rationally one would understand the soul of the Earth to be the collectivity of Spirits in charge of developing and directing its constituent elements, which would already suppose a certain degree of intellectual development; better still, to a Spirit to whom is assigned the highest direction of the moral destinies and the progress of its inhabitants. Such a mission cannot be developed by other than a being eminently superior in wisdom and knowledge. In this case, this Spirit is not the soul of the Earth per say, since it is neither incarnate in it, nor subjugated to its material state; rather it will be a leader placed at its direction, analogous to a general who is placed at the direction of an army.

A Spirit in charge of such an important mission, as the governing of a world, could not have caprices, or else God would be very imprudent for entrusting the execution of his laws to beings capable of transgressing them due to their bad will. Or, if we follow the doctrine of incrustation, it would be due to the ill will of the Moon’s soul that one attributes the reason of the Earth’s incompleteness. These are ideas that are refutable by their own selves. (“Revue Spirite” of September of 1868, pg. 261)

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