The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1863

Allan Kardec

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Spiritism is Christianity of modern age. It must reestablish the spiritualist sense of traditions. Before, the Spirit was made of flesh; today flesh becomes Spirit to develop the grand idea that must evolve the world. But the Spiritist gathering will be followed by disturbance and pride of the several systems that, neglecting wise teachings, will erect a new Babel tower, the works of confusion soon to be reduced to nothing because the works of the past are the pawns of the future and the oblivious dissipates with the treasure of experiences cumulated through the centuries.

Spiritism doesform an intellectual tribe. Follow your guides with more humility than that of the Hebrews. We also came to free you from the yoke of the Philistine leading you to the Promised Land. Dawn shall succeed the darkness of the first ages and you will be surprised when you understand the slow reflex of past times upon the present. Legends will revive so energetically as reality and you will find the proof of the remarkable unity, pawn of the alliance between God and his creatures.

St. Louis

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