The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1863

Allan Kardec

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Thionville, January 5th 1863

Medium Dr. R…

There is a great law that dominates everything in the universe: the law of progress. It is due to that law that man, an essentially imperfect creature, must walk through all phases that separate him from perfection. There is no doubt that God knows the time that each will take to get to the end. Since every progress results from the endeavor for its realization, there would be no merit if mankind did not have the freedom of following one path instead of another. In fact, true merit can only result from the actual work done by the Spirit in order to overcome a more or less considerable resistance.

As each of us ignores the number of existences that took part in their moral advancement, nobody can prejudge that great question and it is particularly, in this point, that the infinite benevolence of our Celestial Father shines in a more remarkable way, side by side, with the free-will that we were granted with, sowing landmarks in our paths that illuminate our deviations. Hence, it is due to a remnant predominance of matter that many people persist in remaining deft to the warnings that come from all sides, preferring to spend a life that had been given for the advancement of the Spirit with deceiving and momentary pleasures. One could not affirm without blasphemy that God wanted the unhappiness of his creatures for the unfortunate ones always atone both in a badly lived previous life as well as after their refusal to follow the good path when it had been clearly shown to them. Hence it is up to each one to abbreviate the trial to endure. That is why so many safe guides are provided so that each person is entirely responsible for the refusal to follow the advices and still, in that case, there is a sure means of mitigating a deserved punishment following sincere signs of regret and prayer that is always attended when said with fervor. Thus, free-will does effectively exist in man but with a guide: the conscience. All of you who have access to the great focus of the new science, do not neglect the opportunity to incorporate the eloquent truths that it reveals and the remarkable principles that are its consequence. Follow them faithfully because that is the shining place of your free will. On one side think about the fatal consequences for you if refusing to follow the good path, as well as the wonderful rewards that await in case you obey the instructions of the good Spirits. That is, in turn, the place where the divine prescience will shine.

It is in vain that men seek the truth in all means provided by science. That truth that seems to escape is always on our side and the blind do not notice it.

Wise Spirits from all countries to whom is given to lift the tip of the veil do not neglect the means that the divine Providence his offered you! Provoke our manifestations; allow all your less fortunate brothers to benefit from them; take to all of them the Spiritist world and you will have deserved well because you will have significantly contributed to the realization of the designs of the Providence.

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