The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1863

Allan Kardec

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Parisian Society of Spiritist Studies, July 31st 1863

Medium Mrs. Costel

There I was still in the theater of the world and saw myself buried forever in the veil of innocence and youth. The fire of Earth saved me from the fire of hell: that is how I used to think in my Catholic faith, daring not to see the splendors of paradise, my soul seeking refuge in the atonement of purgatory and I prayed and cried. But who gave me, in my weakness, the strength to endure the anguishes? Who, in the long nights of insomnia and painful fever, bent over my body of martyr? Who refreshed my dry lips? It was you my guardian angel, whose white light surrounded me; it was you also, dear friendly Spirits, who came to whisper in my ears words of hope and love.

The flame that consumed by fragile body rid me from the attachment to the transient; I then died but already alive in the true life. I did not know about the disturbance and entered serene and in reverence into the shiny day that surrounds the ones that had hope after a lot of suffering. My mother, my dear mother, was the last human vibration at the heart of my soul. Oh how much I would like to see her as a Spiritist!

I separated from the earthly tree like a premature fruit. I had not yet blossomed to the demon of pride that hurts the souls, dragged by the lights of success and wasted by youth. Blessed are the flames, the sufferings, the trials that were an atonement. Like those thinly white treads of autumn I float away, dragged by a luminous current. It is no longer the diamond stars that shiny upon my front by the golden ones from God.”

NOTE: It was our intention to evoke this Spirit at this session for being sympathetic to us. We were led to postpone the evocation for private reasons that we had not mentioned to anyone. The Spirit came spontaneously to give us this delightful communication above and without a doubt attracted by our thoughts and by those of several members of the Society.

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