What is Spiritism?

Allan Kardec

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105. Are the many worlds traveling through space peopled with inhabitants as is the earth?

All the Spirits have affirmed it and reason states that it must be so. Since the earth occupies no special class in the universe, either because of its position or size, there is nothing that would justify believing that it alone is privileged enough to be inhabited. Moreover, God could not have created those billions of globes simply for the pleasure of our own eyes, especially since the vast majority is beyond our sight.

106. If other worlds are inhabited, are all their inhabitants similar to those of the earth? In other words, could these inhabitants live amongst us and us amongst them?

Their overall form might be more or less the same, but their composition must be adapted to the environment in which they live, just as fish are made to live in the water and birds in the air. If the environment is different - as everything would lead us to believe, and just as astronomical observations seem to show - their physical composition must be different also; hence, in their normal state they probably could not live amongst one another with the same bodies. All the Spirits have confirmed this to be a fact.

107. Assuming that these worlds are inhabited, are they in the samepositionastheearthfrom themoralandintellectualpoint ofview?

According to what the Spirits have taught, the various worlds are at very different degrees of evolution; some are in the same condition as die earth; others are even less evolved: the human beings on them are even more brutish, more physical and more inclined toward evil. On the other hand, there are worlds on which human beings are morally, intellectually and physically more-evolved, where moral evil is unknown, where the arts and sciences have attained a degree of perfection incomprehensible to us, and where the inhabitants' less physical composition is subject neither to suffering, disease, nor infirmity. People live in peace without trying to harm one another, and they do not experience the vexations, troubles, afiflictions or needs that assail earth's people. Moreover, there are worlds that are more

evolved still, where the nearly fluidic corporeal envelope approaches more and more the nature of the angels. In the progressive series of the worlds, the earth is neither in the first nor the last category, but it is one of the most material and least evolved.

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