Allan Kardec

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75. These explanations are clear, categorical, and unambiguous; and from them we derive this very important information, viz., that the universal fluid, in which resides the principle of life, is the chief agent of spirit-manifestation, and that this agent receives its impulse from the spirit, whether the latter be incarnated or errant. This fluid, condensed, constitutes the perispirit, or, in other words, the semi-material envelope of the spirit. In the state of incarnation, the perispirit is united to the matter of the body ; in the erratic state, it is free. When the spirit is incarnated the substance of the perispirit is more or less bound, more or less adherent, if we may be allowed the expression. With certain persons, a sort of emanation of this fluid takes place, as the result of their Organisation; and it is this fact, strictly speaking which explains the peculiar qualities of physical mediums. The emission of this animalised fluid may be more or less abundant, its combination more or less easy; and mediums will accordingly be more or less powerful There is nothing to guarantee the permanence of the medianimic faculty; and the occasional loss of power by mediums is thus explained.

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