Allan Kardec

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e) When?
“During its formation.”

Everything in nature has a purpose nothing is useless. There is no void everything is inhabited. Life is everywhere. Therefore, during the long centuries that preceded human beings’ existence on the Earth, during the slow periods of transition confrmed by the Earth’s sedimentary layers, before the frst organisms, upon that formless mass, there was no absence of life in that arid chaos in which the elements were mixed together. Beings who had neither human wants nor sensations found a refuge there. God made it so that the Earth, even in its initial barren state, would be useful. Who would dare maintain that only one planet out of the countless planets of the universe, and the smallest of them at that, has the exclusive privilege of being inhabited? Why would the others exist? Would God have created them solely for our pleasure, so that people could gaze up at a starry sky? Such a thought is completely illogical and contradicts the wisdom of God’s works. It becomes even more absurd when we think about the scores of planets and stars that we are unable to perceive. No one can deny the splendor of the idea that while worlds are still unft for material life, they are populated with living beings adapted to its conditions – an idea that may possibly contain the solution to more than one problem.

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