Allan Kardec

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a) Is the disclosure of all our reprehensible acts and the perpetual presence of those who have been our victims an atonement for the guilty?
“Yes, and it is more substantial than you think. It only lasts until they make amends for wrongdoing, either as a spirit or as a person in new physical lives.”

When we are in the spirit world, our entire past is revealed and the good or bad that we did is known. Those who have done evil who try to avoid their victims do so in vain. They cannot escape their presence, and it is an atonement and a source of remorse until they atone for the wrongs they have done. Conversely, kindness and goodwill surrounds the spirit of an upright person.

Even on Earth, there is no greater torment for a bad person than the presence of his or her victims, whom they try to avoid at all costs. What happens when the illusions of passions dissipate and they understand the wrongs they have done? When they see their secret actions brought to light and their hypocrisy unmasked? When they realize that they cannot hide from those they have wronged? While the soul of the wicked is prey to shame, regret and remorse, the soul of the virtuous enjoys perfect peace.

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