Allan Kardec

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a) The good that may result from these passing events is extraneous to the person who was used to produce them, since it was nothing but a personal goal for him. Despite this, will he proft from that result?
“All are rewarded according to their works, the good they have wished to do, and the honor of their intentions.”

Incarnate spirits have occupations intrinsic to the nature of their physical existence. When errant or dematerialized, their occupations are proportionate to their degree of advancement. Some of them travel from world to world, acquiring education and preparing for a new incarnation. More advanced ones devote themselves to progress of humanity by directing the course of events, and suggesting promising ideas. They assist incarnates of genius who help humankind as a whole advance.

Others incarnate with a mission of progress.

Others watch over individuals, families, societies, cities, countries, and populations, and become their guardian angels, protective spirits and familiar spirits.

Still others supervise the phenomena of nature, of which they are the immediate agents. The lower ranking spirits busy themselves with our engagements, and take part in our pleasures.

Impure and imperfect spirits suffer while waiting for the moment when God will give them the means of advancing. If they cause harm to others, it is out of spite of the happiness that they are not yet able to enjoy.

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